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DUI Defense Strategies: How to Beat Your DUI Charges

Building a good DUI defense is the first thing that you have to take into consideration if you have been retained and you are charged with driving under alcohol intoxication. Contacting a lawyer specialized in this type of legal issues in order to fight the accusations brought to you or to reduce the sentence to the minimum is the best solution.

No matter if you try to get rid of the charges or to attenuate their outcome, the meeting with the legal system is an inherent fact. In the case of the citizens who are not accustomed with such problems, the whole adventure can be quite traumatizing. It is true that you can handle the case yourself and go through all the steps a trial involves, but it will cost you nerves and energy to comprehend all the details involved by the functioning of the justice system. A much smarter thing to do is to hire a DUI expert with a solid reputation in this domain, and, eventually, his representation will prove to have a positive impact both on your time and state of mind and on the progress of the trial.

A DUI Attorney Can Be Your Best DUI Defense

The DUI defense can be built on the attempt of the accused to prove that he had not been drinking before driving and that the conditions under which he was retained were arguable, that his rights were not respected or that the alcohol testing did not follow the legal procedure and the results cannot represent legal evidence in court.

Even if the accusations of driving under the influence of alcohol are quite severe, it is still a constitutional right of the citizens to defend themselves against incorrect or misguided charges and get rid of the stains on their reputation and of the administrative problems that usually follow such charges. Resorting to the services of a lawyer can help the accused gather significant information and courage to face the court. The lawyer has the right to advise his client during the trial, to organize and prepare the necessary papers and reassure his clients.

Even if the accusations are solid and hard to dispute, solid DUI defense strategies are still necessary, as the penalty given can be disputed in court. This is when an attorney’s help proves to be the most useful, as it can help the accused obtain the lowest penalties and fines, or even get rid with a simple warning.

Since the penalties for driving under influence vary noticeably from region to region, it is indicated to contact a lawyer from the region where the crime was committed and to consider all the implications of a lawsuit and of building the necessary DUI defense. A lawyer can help you assess the possible results of the trial even from the preliminary meeting and can assist you as far as the court action is concerned.

DUI Defense Strategies Depending on the State

Every county has its own particularities regarding DUI sentences and regulations.

One of the most efficient ways to go successfully through a trial is to maintain calm and courage and to have a solid support throughout the whole period of the law suit. Even if the process is rather an unpleasant adventure, you can assimilate useful information from it, and, eventually, the events will have a smaller impact on your life.

While your close ones will certainly offer their support, you may discover that the most important is that of your lawyer. Whether it is a conversation meant to relief stress or to help you find out new details about the DUI defense strategies you should adopt or just advice to help you deal better with the difficult situation you are in, you will see that the lawyer’s support helps you face the charges or even the conviction easier.

Justice is built around the idea of respect for the rights of the citizens and of defending them against illegal abuses, but practice usually does not live up to theory and this is why specialized assistance is essential in order to prevent wrong sentences and ensure one’s best chances in the court of law.

DWI Defense in Your State Lawyers from different states usually have DUI defense strategies that vary based on what suits the interests of their clients best, this leading in many cases to the accusations being dropped or at least reduced. Sometimes a lawyer advises his client to negotiate or plead guilty in order to minimize the consequences.

In some cases the lawyer will doubt the validity of the tests. Here are some of the rules dictated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), based on which the validity of the tests measuring the blood alcohol content is evaluated and the exceptions: The validity of the tests can be questioned if: • The person tested exceeds with over 50 lbs the normal weight; • The person tested is at the age of at least 65 years; • The person tested suffers from a handicap affecting his/her equilibrium or has been injured in the lower limbs or back; • The person tested has footwear size over 5”.

If you find yourself in one of the situations above, make sure you question the validity of the test as part of your DUI defense strategy.

Of course, things will be a lot simpler if you decide to hire a lawyer. You’ll have more chances to reduce or even eliminate the charges. So, as soon as you identify a lawyer specializing in DUI, contact him and discuss the details in an open and sincere manner, without neglecting anything, especially not the statement you gave in front of the cops.

Some regions have very harsh laws when it comes to DUI. The lawyer is the most competent person to inform you on the penalties and sentences applicable in the state where the incident occurred.

Because this type of infractions can spot your criminal record for over 70 years in some regions, the best thing you can do is to contact a lawyer and make sure you benefit from the best DUI defense possible.