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Get the Lowest DUI Penalties with a Good Lawyer

In the recent years, the DUI penalties have become harsher, as an attempt to diminish the large number of people who break the law and bring drastic consequences upon themselves and upon their victims. The modalities to punish the reckless drivers vary from region to region, and a lawyer is the most competent person to guide and help an accused throughout the severe lawsuit that can follow the charges of DUI.

The minimum sentences for DUI are specified in most states, so the accused knows from the beginning what to expect. Generally, the main criterion based on which the DUI penalties are determined is the level of alcohol in the blood at the moment when the accused is pulled over by the police officers. The higher the level, the more severe the accusations and possible convictions are.

The penalties can be harder or easier depending on the gravity of the charges and on the consequences the infraction had. Usually, the penalty is represented by a compensation that is not very expensive. But, if you count the expenses of the action in court and the costs involved by hiring a lawyer, the total amount of money involved during a lawsuit can prove to be rather significant. When the incident is followed by destruction of public or private property or by injuries caused to pedestrians or passengers in another car involved in the collision, the penalties can go as far as prison sentences.

DWI Penalties and Fines

In every region there are specific laws for DUI, depending on the criminal record of the accused. This is why it is important to contact an expert in this type of legal problems.

Driving under the influence of legal or illegal substances represents an important crime all over America. The DUI penalties for such accusations can be in the form of fines, jail sentences or community service. Even more, the driving license of the accused can be suspended temporarily or permanently. Not only different states have different laws, but also many towns have regulations of their own.

A lawyer is the first person you should contact when you are pulled over and you know you risk DUI penalties. Based on the details of your case, the lawyer can build a strong defense strategy and set the course of action, but this does not mean that the outcome of the trial will be totally favorable.

During the initial discussion with the attorney, honesty and willingness to share all the details of the incident are a must, because the role of the defender is to guide you and support you, and not to criticize your behavior.

The negative effects of a trial can also extend over your professional life, and, severe DUI penalties, involving that you spend time in jail, will certainly leave negative marks on your criminal record, making any future attempts to look for a new job unlikely to succeed.

Is Hiring an Attorney to Fight DWI Charges Worth It?

Driving after drinking is a common mistake made by many people convinced that they still have the control and awareness to drive safe. Some even find absurd excuses for their reckless decisions, pretending that driving under the influences of substances makes them even more careful to the road.

The test that has to be passed after you are pulled over is an unforgettable adventure. If there are more people witnessing the whole scene, everything will seem even harder. If you do not pass the test, you have to give a blood sample in order to have the concentration of alcohol in your blood measured. If you refuse to give the blood sample, you may have to spend the night in jail.

The lawyer is the most important person to contact when such unfortunate incidents happen. He will make sure that you receive a solid defense and that the DUI penalties you risk are minimum or even eliminated. Therefore, you should not lose any time and call an attorney as soon as you get the chance.

Penalties are meant to ensure the correction and rehabilitation of the people who break the law. They are applied by the courts system in the name of the law, to all those who have committed crimes, caused damages or put someone’s life in danger.

The DUI penalties aim to restore social justice, to make people respond for their actions and to inoculate the conscious attitude everyone should prove not only in relation to himself, but also when it comes to the others.

Among the penalties characteristics, we find the following: they are restraint measures set by the law; they are only applied by the court; they are applied in the name of the State where the incident occurred; they are public; they are applied only to the people convicted for breaking the law; they express a negative political and moral judgment and a judicial assessment of the deeds of the offender or of the person who has committed them; the convict’s rights are limited as a legal consequence of every crime committed; the penalties affect the criminal record of the convicted.

Since the law was broken and there is no other way to restore the order, it is the authorities’ responsibility to intervene immediately and apply DUI penalties. Only by bearing the consequences of their deeds and executing these penalties can the offenders take back their place into society and start everything all over again.

When the rules and laws of the society we live in are broken, the punishment becomes the last measure meant to defend the general order and to teach people that what they did was wrong and it is going to cost them, either money or even their freedom, depending on the severity of their deeds.

In this case, the DUI penalties are seen as a contribution to the safeguarding of the social

stability, the suppression of criminal activity and a way to diminish the possibility for the accused to commit new crimes.

The DUI penalties are a measure of restraint, but their execution should not cause physical suffering or demean the dignity of the convicted.