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The DUI Laws in Your State

DUI laws (Drinking Under the Influence) may differ from state to state, which is why you should select the State applicable to you from the menu on our website. After reading the DUI laws, if you still find yourself confused, if you do not properly understand them, or if you have questions, it is highly advisable to ask for the assistance of a local DUI lawyer, who is familiar with the laws governing your state of residence. He or she can properly evaluate your circumstance, answer your questions, and inform you on the steps necessary to develop a suitable DUI defense.

A local DUI lawyer can help you understand your rights and options. The criminal court system can be intimidating, but you don’t have to face it alone. Call (888) 546-9283 or fill out the evaluation form below to schedule your free consultation today and get information on your case.

Why Are the DWI and DUI Laws So Important?

It is quite common for people to get behind the wheel although they are intoxicated, but reality is that only a small fraction of them actually get caught while driving under influence. Most of these drivers motivate their decision to drive while woozy because they feel confident about their driving skills, because they know the way back home or because it is late and the traffic is reduced. They also strongly believe that they are capable to drive without getting the attention of the police officers and, hence, get caught. But, reality is different, as it takes only a small mistake to be pulled over and charged with DUI. And the DUI laws are firm in all states, with penalties involving fines and jail time that can create economic hardships for the future and a bad spot on your record. There were cases when individuals lost their jobs because a DUI conviction appeared on their record.

The consequences of DUI can be tremendous, both from the legal and emotional point of view. A drunken or drugged driver will never react the same as a sober one, which could lead to small accidents, but, unfortunately, to bigger ones too, leaving the driver, the passengers and other people involved in the accident, seriously injured or even dead. This is why so many states have decided to punish the absence of social responsibility demonstrated by those who drive under influence or intoxicated, by imposing severe penalties.

Consequently, the person charged with these offences always tries to find the best way out of problems. But this might be tricky too, as the laws are different for each state and not everybody is specialised in DUI laws. That is why it is better to get the best attorney to plead your case and to get you a reduced condemnation, preferably, one that will keep you out of jail. The need for a lawyer is of particular interest, as judges tend to be extremely harsh when it comes to actions of irresponsibility, taking every case as an example of non-toleration of recklessness, by applying severe fines and punishments.

Also, a lawyer is the best option if you do not know what to do and you want your charges dropped as soon as possible.

The Difference between DWI and DUI Laws

One of the first things that people need to know is that various states use various abbreviations for Driving under Influence (DUI), having also established their own, distinct, DWI (Driving while Intoxicated) laws. As this might cause confusion, it is better to get information on the legislation of the state you are in, and on that of the state where you were caught, as matters might differ between the two states. Moreover, you need to pay attention, as some states have disjointed DUI and DWI charges.

In some states, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or, even both, can also be considered as driving while intoxicated, having almost identical meaning up to a certain extent. But, as each state has the liberty of handling its own laws, it is wise to be cautious.

This particular aspect is important to remember, because DUI is considered a smaller charge in most states, thus meaning a lower grade of being impaired. As you know, the level of impairment is given by the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), thus making the difference if impaired by alcohol or drugs. Therefore, you might run free if you have alcohol in your system in one state, while, in another, this might be as dangerous and punishable as drugs. However, in any case, it is advisable to seek the advice of a DUI lawyer, especially if you are not sure about the laws applicable in the state of the accident, or, if you are charged with a severe felony.

Given the high rate of accidents due to the abuse of both alcohol and drugs, many states have imposed a strict, zero-tolerance, rule about both DUI and DWI, thus making no distinction between the two. Being charged with any of the two will lead to strong fines, penalties, and even jail time. Therefore, you need to be fully aware of the DWI and DUI laws in your state, just for the eventuality that you or one of your friends get arrested under DUI/DWI laws. You can get that information right here, from our website hosting the DUI laws from all American states. All you have to do is to search according to the right criteria and find what you are interested in.

Furthermore, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being arrested and charged with any of the two criminalities, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer, as he or she can give you the best advice; and, do not worry, as the consultation is free. An attorney from the state where you have been charged knows the local DWI or DUI laws better. Plus, he or she will act faster than you in evaluating your case, will give you the answers you are looking for and will work with you and for you to develop a suitable defence tactic.

Therefore, in case you are not yet informed on the DUI laws in your state and in the states you might be travelling to soon, start getting up to date immediately, and do not forget to call a lawyer, in the unfortunate event you are caught driving under influence.