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Benefits of a DUI Lawyer

A good DUI lawyer can minimize the consequences of drunk driving, and that can be very important, considering how stressful it is for the accused to know that he could face prison, license suspension or pay significant fines. This is why, in difficult times like these, receiving legal assistance and counseling is vital, and an attorney is the most competent to provide all the counseling you could need throughout your DUI trial. An expert in this type of legal issues can be of valuable help, having the knowledge and experience to provide the necessary details and offer you all the moral support you need in order to win over your fears.

Usually the attorney is called at the police station when the accused is taken into custody or is about to take the test for the detection of the blood alcohol level. Immediately after the accused hires a DUI lawyer, he can benefit from the latter’s representation, assistance and guidance regarding the next steps that have to be followed. The lawyer will also prepare and make sure his client signs all the necessary papers, preparing his client for appearing in front of the judge and guiding his actions throughout the course of the trial.

All over the country, you can find numerous lawyers specialized in this type of legal issues, some of them exercising their profession locally, others covering the whole state and even more. Obviously, those that cover larger areas are considered successful. It is however advisable to hire lawyers covering small regions, because they know the laws and penalties applicable in that region better. It is indicated to ask the DUI lawyer you plan on hiring questions about his prior cases in this field, so that you can determine his level of knowledge and competence. An attorney who shows sympathy and moral support can influence the whole course of the trial in a positive way, more than a lawyer who only cares about the honorary you are paying.

A DUI lawyer’s value comes mainly from his ability to pass on his knowledge to his client, to prepare the latter for the trial and to use his previous experience in the client’s benefit. The juridical terms may seem hard to understand for someone who is not familiarized with this domain and here is where the help of an expert turns very useful. Even if the test results show beyond doubt that the accused had a level of alcohol above the normal limits and getting away with DUI is no longer possible, the support of a lawyer, the information on the course of the trial and his advice regarding the defense strategies to be adopted can still make a difference, regarding the time one may have to spend in jail, the value of the fine, the license suspension period, etc.

It is normal for the accused to find it difficult to share everything with the attorney. This is why it is important to choose a professional, with an extensive experience and practice in the field, who can get the truth out of anyone without difficulty and inspire confidence. Of course, the best occasion to ascertain whether the DUI lawyer is the right person to handle a case is during the preliminary conversation. After the decision is made and the accused is sure that his case will be handled with the highest responsibility and competence, the whole course of the trial will be simpler.

How to Choose a DWI Lawyer

A DUI lawyer, specialized in this type of lawsuits is the best solution whenever you or a relative of yours are in a difficult situation. Driving under the effect of the alcohol or drugs represents a severe crime in many regions of America, and the penalties have been increased throughout the recent years in an attempt to diminish the number of drivers who are caught breaking the law. It is essential to choose a good lawyer if you happen to face such accusations, because the indulgence of the authorities is getting lower and lower, year after year.

Since the majority of the citizens have no idea how to select a competent DUI lawyer, it is important to look for one who handles mostly cases in this category and has a considerable experience in dealing with some of the most difficult circumstances.

A DUI lawyer with a great experience will have no problem sharing some of the information related to his past cases with his new client, of course without divulging the names and personal information of the previous clients. If the client is innocent, which is after all the legal presumption, the lawyer has to convince the court to pronounce an acquittal (or to prosecute, as appropriate). The lawyer should not judge the conduct and actions of his client, but try to present them in the best light possible and look for attenuating circumstances.

After you contact the DUI lawyer, a preliminary meeting (that is free most of the times) follows, during which the parties can meet, review the case and try to reach an agreement. No matter how good he is, an attorney cannot be 100% sure that the trial will end with a favorable result for his client. Despite this, he will do his best to make sure that the rights and benefits of the accused are defended in the most professional way in the court system.

A competent lawyer is permanently up to date with any legislative changes, with the various interpretations of the legal norms throughout the country, etc. His professional guidelines should include fairness, respect and integrity and they should be followed in order to solve the client’s legal problems as quickly as possible, despite the complexity of the case. There are numerous strategies that can be used, remaining for the lawyer to choose the most efficient and apply them in the client’s best interests.

Every DUI lawyer should be able to adjust to the client’s needs and to the particularities of every case, rather than apply universal rules to different circumstances – in the end, the court’s sentence is the only one that matters.